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Common characteristics are written in the area of overlap, while unique characteristics are listed in the outer parts of each circle. The overlapping part of the circles shows similarities; the outer circles show differences or unique qualities. Comparison of the benefits of dogs and cats as pets You could also make a chart that lists different qualities of each, or simply group information by how they are alike or different.Remember, it is critical that there are points of overlap, or similarities, as well as differences between your topics.

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The paragraphs in the : a transition from the paragraph, as well as back to the thesis There may be more than one piece of evidence or point of analysis in a paragraph, but every paragraph should have all four of these elements. The , or bring together, the critical details of your essay.

It should try to give the reader a new way of looking at your main idea.

Comparing President Ronald Reagan to President Jimmy Carter, for example, is too broad for a five-page essay.

But comparing their foreign policies may not be, depending on how detailed the comparison is supposed to be.

In such an A short piece of writing that focuses on at least one main idea.

Some essays are also focused on the author's unique point of view, making them personal or autobiographical, while others are focused on a particular literary, scientific, or political subject.Make sure you understand what your instructor is asking for before you begin. If your instructor assigns you a specific subject to write about, then the next step in the process is to gather ideas.If you must come up with your own subject, there are a few things you should consider before you start to A prewriting technique where the author lists multiple ideas as he or she thinks of them, not considering one more than another until all ideas are captured.In the subject-by-subject method, the writer first discusses important aspects of one of the subjects, then those same aspects for the other subject.These points must be The format to follow is really up to you.The objective is to create one great idea, or many ideas, on which to base a writing.for the assignment, not too broad and not too narrow.A subject-by-subject outline might be better if you are writing an explanatory, rather than an evaluative, essay. Whichever you choose, make sure that you are consistent with the format throughout your essay.Step 5: Develop paragraphs that support your thesis.A written discussion of both the similarities and differences between people, objects, or ideas.This type of essay shows how things are alike in some ways (compare) as well as how they are different in other ways (contrast)., which is among the most common writing assignments in college classes.


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