Ib Music Essay

Talk to your counselor about any potential waivers or other student aid that you can opt for.

These experts were kind enough to give us insights on what colleges look for in IB and AP scholars.

They also tell us how these curricula helped them succeed in college.

For instance, AP Music Theory, Studio Art, and Geography are accepted for college credit, whereas IB Music, Visual Arts, and Geography are not.

Luckily, your high school may offer some financial aid for these exam fees.

AP courses, on the other hand, do not offer “levels.” The closest equivalent would be its Physics courses: AP Physics 1 and AP Physics 2 correspond directly with AP Physics C: Mechanics and AP Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism, but the former two are algebra-based, while the latter two are calculus-based.

Because of the math requirements, the AP Physics C courses go more in-depth with each topic.

After completing the IB program I was the only applicant from my high school to be accepted into my first choice, Emory University in Atlanta, GA. The rigorous course work and multiple 18 page papers definitely prepared me for college. Unlike other students, I didn’t have to learn this in college and it gave me a definite advantage.

Today I have my masters in Nursing and work as a nurse anesthetist.

Make sure that your choice doesn’t impede on other parts of your high school career as well.

Remember, college isn’t just looking for an impressive transcript – they want to see you as a student who also strives to push himself academically.


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