Igcse English Coursework Assignment 2

Igcse English Coursework Assignment 2-19
Even though they will not need to assess the sample performances, currently accredited teachers of the syllabus will still find the rest of the material in this handbook of use.2 Overview of Scheme of Assessment All candidates take Paper 1 (Written examination) and Paper 2 (Coursework).

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One individual piece (max 5 mins): either original devised work or a performance of an extract from a piece of repertoire. Two group pieces (max 15 minutes each): one original devised piece and one performance of an extract from a piece of repertoire.

This should not be the total practical work undertaken in the course.

Each candidate will be assessed in two group pieces and one individual piece. The group piece must last no longer than 15 minutes and care should be taken over the selection of extracts so that dramatic moments are not lost. an event in the history of your own country It is not anticipated that candidates will have a free choice of option.

In most cases, it will be more straightforward for teachers to support group work since it is likely to be created and rehearsed largely within class time. Each piece must allow each candidate broadly equal exposure. This is because teachers will need to teach technique work appropriate to the style in which the candidates will be working. the ability to use the English language effectively and dramatically.

Component Name Duration Weighting Paper 1 Written examination 2 hours 30 mins 40% Paper 2 Coursework ––– 60% The focus of this handbook is on the preparation, assessment, submission and moderation of the work for Paper 2 (Coursework).

For guidance on Paper 1 (Written examination) please refer to the Cambridge IGCSE Drama Standards CD-ROM.Preparing for the coursework assignments (Paper 2) The coursework component is worth 60% of the marks for the syllabus.Candidates’ work must be marked according to the assessment criteria in the syllabus and recorded onto a DVD or VHS video cassette for submission to CIE. Example 8 – Antigone by Sophocles 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 Group pieces ! It offers a distinctive perspective on Englishlanguage drama in an international setting and offers candidates a practically-based qualification with an appropriate level of intellectual rigour. Example 7 – My Mother Said I Never Should by Charlotte Keatley ! Example 17 – Dream vs Destiny 39 41 43 45 47 49 Group pieces ! Example 19 – Unwanted Anna 51 54 On completion of the Handbook 57 Acknowledgements 58 Introduction The Cambridge IGCSE Drama syllabus was developed for first examination in June 2002 and candidate numbers have grown steadily since then.Coursework recordings will then be moderated by an external Moderator appointed by CIE (refer to the syllabus for detailed instructions on sending Coursework to CIE for moderation).Number of pieces to be produced Each candidate in the Centre will be assessed on three pieces of practical work: !It is assumed that a range of pieces will be produced at regular intervals during the two years of the course and that from these the best three will be selected.This means that Centres need to make recordings of candidates’ work as it happens during the course.An example of a list of options is given below but please check with the most up-to-date version of the syllabus when planning coursework assignments for your candidates. the differing roles of actor, director, stage manager and technician in its realisation.A different option must be used for each devised piece submitted for assessment. B Devising Candidates will be assessed on their ability to devise dramatic material and reflect on its effectiveness.


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