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To imperialize is to conquer another country, whether it be in the means of politics, economics and/or culture, and control that land.

The aftermath for the imperialized country was either beneficial or harmful.

Western culture can be seen in all parts of the world; from Asia to Africa, to the Indies and the Americans.

The downside of having the bits of western culture all over the world, is how it got there.

In March 1854, Japan concluded with the United States the ‘Treaty of Amity’ and, in July 1858, the ‘Treaty of Amity and Commerce’” (Zachmann 12)....

[tags: Imperialism] - Throughout the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century, almost every country in Africa was imperialized by other countries in Europe.

Using Africa for their resources, the Europeans colonized Africa without a second thought.

European imperialism in Africa had a negative This caused a great amount of tension within regions.

The main countries involved in the imperialism were such major European countries as France, Great Britain, Germany, Russia, Italy and, in addition to that, the developing United States of America....

[tags: Imperialism] - Before the Meiji era, Japan experienced rule by the Tokugawa shogunate in the Edo era.


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