Independent Women'S College Essay

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”Katharine Hepburn on Obeying Rules Aren’t rules made to be broken?Well, sassy women will bend or break rules where ever and whenever necessary.

”Katharine Hepburn on Obeying Rules Aren’t rules made to be broken?

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I say ‘including myself’ as I struggled far too long in accepting myself as the women I am, without discovering the wonderful person I am.

I spent years thinking I wasn’t worth much, simply because there wasn’t an inspiring and strong woman that I could look up to.

With this mindset, you will take the power over your life out of other people’s hands and straight back where it belongs: into your hands.

Furthermore, it will allow you to avoid the discouraging victim mentality entirely.

As a woman, you do not only provide the necessary essentials for life, but you also have the power to create life. Aside from that, the quote empowers you to be confident in becoming the strong woman you want to be.

You are able to transform and to change, which allows you to leave all negativity behind.It took many painful years to discover my own self-worth that allowed me to develop the necessary confidence for being a strong and independent woman.However, there are still situations that can bring me down, which is why I decided to create some sort of an homage to the strong, rebellious, independent and sassy women that inspired millions to become one themselves.Bryon Katie encourages you to love yourself, as it will help you to attract someone special into your life.The quote also helps us to remember the question, “if you cannot love yourself, who else should?If you really want to become do something about the situation, then you will have to be proactive and do something about it.Otherwise, people will continue to trample upon you.Margaret Thatcher on Getting Things Done Margaret Thatcher’s empowering quote remembers us that men typically spend their time talking about an issue, while women get things done in the background.The quote stems from a time in which powerful man could only act in their role as the shapers of society because they had not-so-famous women who got things done in the background.Basically, it says that you will be able to accomplish the most outstanding things when you are willing to follow your passions. Bryon Katie on the Love of Your Life The quote does not mean to say you can’t find love in another person, but it encourages you to fully accept yourself as the person you are.You will fall in love and your heart might be broken, but in the end, you will always have yourself.


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