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Every college and university has Democrats and Republicans, environmentalists and developers, occupiers and capitalists, vegetarians and carnivores, and fans of Fox News and NPR.

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Imagine if the politicians in Washington could collaborate to get something done rather than demonize each other, spew half-truths, and bankrupt us all.

Like Mark Twain, “Sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on, or by imbeciles who really mean it.” Protect the rights of others to be different. Don’t be a hostage to prejudice or a bystander to intolerance.

This assumption is tough to overcome because it is so soothing. Dave Barry and others ask if we really believe all red state residents are dumb, racist, xenophobic, homophobic, NASCAR-obsessed, gun-fondling, Bible-bullying, redneck, sweatshop tycoons who claim government doesn’t work, and then get elected and prove it; or that all blue-state residents are godless, unpatriotic, ear-pierced, Volvo-driving, latte-sucking, tofu-chomping, tax- crazed bleeding-hearts who presume people shouldn’t have to work and beg our enemies, "Please don’t hurt me." Seek out people with different beliefs.

People want to be around others who think and act like themselves.

Much talk of diversity is about race, ethnicity, nationality, gender or sexual orientation.

But what about diversity of perspectives and how we treat that kind of diversity?Their Disneyland was small government and low taxes.Then, I journeyed from being a right-wing Republican to an independent who is an economic conservative and social liberal.The main trick here is to create a piece that is interesting to read (and write).This is something you cannot do without a really nice topic. As you can understand, this definition is pretty broad.Indeed, narrative essay can depict almost anything – from your personal childhood experience to reflections about the global problems of morality.Many believe that Guilford is a left-wing echo chamber where it is easier to be accepted if you are a social activist who abhors capitalism, sports and the American flag.Many believe this – fairly or not – of many colleges and universities.Imagine what a cataract of horrors it would be for some Harvard University professors to be on the same faculty with a member of the Tea Party.But beyond that difficulty lies an opportunity for understanding and compromise.


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