Interior Design Thesis Theories

Interior Design Thesis Theories-74
The aim is to stimulate students to develop a distinct attitude towards a theme, which is based on personal observations, reflections and analyses.This distinct attitude will help them take the right decisions during the design process and find their own position within this field of expertise After all, that is the moment when theory is tested in practice.The central theme of the trip was reflection on the future in its broadest sense and the role of the designer in the future.

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At INSIDE, the THEORY and Writing course aims for deepening understanding, strengthening basic and essential research skills, and developing an individual approach to research themes.

Research here is taken to mean: systematic, critical reflection on the basis of a concrete question and definition of a topical issue or problem.

The students will consult valid literature and other sources, with the aim of acquiring knowledge that offers answers to the questions posed.

In general, the research encompasses the history of the profession and the discourse led by important thinkers and designers, as well as acquiring knowledge on various social and cultural contexts, which are either suggested by the tutors or chosen by the students themselves (in the second year).

And even more important: a text also offers an opportunity for testing ideas before students implement them in a studio project.

Students work (partly) in groups and are guided individually. This experiential journey is part of the first cross-curricular unit, common to the four programs, coordinated by Pablo Jarauta.In this transversal stage the students’ way of thinking is reconstructed to have a collective social consciousness that acts as an engine for innovation and gives them a necessary initial approach to the field of design and project culture.The final report of this framework always consists of a text in combination with visual material.To get the students acquainted with different approaches and writing styles the first year students will practice writing a manifest, a review, an essay and a thesis as a preview for the graduation thesis in the second year.The paper proposes a re-evaluation of the spatial terrain and the context for interiority (Attiwill, Maken), determining new principles and key definitions of an emergent interior anthropology.By synchronising this discourse through an analysis of spatial frontiers, thresholds and boundaries, the disciplinary bonds between design and anthropology are transformed to form new insight for the urbanised interior.Future designers must possess an understanding of the most relevant theories related to their profession.Moreover, they must be capable of investigating the complexity of design commissions from various angles.THEORY with Anne Hoogewoning (Tutor Theory Course) Numerous theorists and designers, from interior architects to anthropologists and philosophers, reflect in depth on the field covered by INSIDE.After all, interventions by designers have a profound effect on the living and working environments of people and also have major implications for the functioning of society as a whole.


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