Internet Censorship Thesis

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With this mechanism, filtering devices determines the content available on a particular computer.This is because, the software blocks specific categories of information that goes or comes from the internet (Terrell, 208). For instance, organizations and employers have bought the idea to prevent their employees from accessing certain cite.Such useful information might be of no harm to anybody, but since they might contain some sites or words stated in the software data base, the entire information gets affected.

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Through the centuries, there has been construction of mechanisms of censor in the name of national security and protection.

Currently, the applications have moved to software state.

Such laws might demand that, minors are not supposed to access materials that deem harmful to them.

In such conditions internet materials are to be checked and determined by some set of organization set by the governing body.

Some programs like UNIX have been equipped with filtering programs.

Such filtering programs get most of its data from a stand point, and end up writing its major results to standard outputs.Introduction Internet has become the World Wide Web through which several countries have benefited a lot from it.However, there are some countries which have restricted the internet usage regarding many issues which threat the national security for such countries.This means that, such laws and regulations might also criminalize the sending of indecent materials over the internet.Their have been some laws and regulations which have ensure the protection of minors.Such softwares are used in filtering internet contents to ensure that are not easily accessed and obtained without elaborate circumvention.It has been proved that, similar arguments that apply to offline censorship and filtering have been applied to online censor.This ensures that governing body monitors all the material contents that are on the internet.Another method that has been employed in internet filtering is the use of filtering and censuring softwares.This means requesting for content blockages before the request leave the country, or enters the country.Another system has been to ensure that all the internet materials are being controlled from a single point.


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