Introduction To An Argumentative Essay Example

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The body paragraphs should contain evidential support to be persuasive to the reader.For a claim to be valid, it has to contain support, and in this case, the support is the evidence.

What confuses most people is the difference between an argumentative essay and an expository essay simply because both of them involve research.

The main difference between an argumentative essay and an expository essay is that an argumentative essay involves a lot of research compared to an expository essay.

In writing an introduction to an argumentative essay, you have to present the issue at hand and give a small background on the topic, then finish with the argument.

The background should give the reader an understanding of the topic; it can include a small history on the topic.

Your topic should be able to make the reader long to read the content of your essay.

To come up with a good title for your essay, you should follow the following guide: Argumentative essays are usually straightforward as the writer is required to attract the reader’s attention and show them the essence of clarifying to them about that topic.Argumentative essay is one of the college essays usually examined as the final project for students for middle schools, simply because it involves a lot of investigation and one has to come up with assumptions.In this type of essay, the writer has to establish a position for their claim and support it with evidence to persuade the reader; the reader should not be on the fence about the topic after reading through your essay.Discussion of opinions from both parties is key in an argumentative essay.For an argument to occur, there have to be two conflicting opinions about an idea, and it is the responsibility of the writer to convince the reader on one stand using adequate support.You should be able to explain the problem at hand and bring out the controversy that exists in it.Argumentative essays usually take debate format because you have to give both opinions on the topic before coming to your stand.An expository essay is also usually short in length compared to an argumentative essay.An argumentative essay comes from the word argument, and for there to be an argument there have to be two opinions about an idea that is contradicting hence arising argument.The title of your essay is very important as it determines how much attracting it will be to the reader.When writing an argumentative essay choose one of the hot topics that are interesting to discuss.


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