Iron Deficiency Anemia Essay

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In some specific types of anemia, constipation and tinkling may be present.Apart from evaluating the patient’s medical history and conducting a physical examination, medical professionals can perform blood tests to diagnose anemia.Depending on the RBC concentration, the production and release of the erythropoietin fluctuates accordingly.

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The most common types of anemia are the iron-deficiency anemia, megaloblastic anemia, pernicious anemia, aplastic anemia, talassemia and sickle cell anemia.

The reduction in the number of the red blood cells may result from prolonged bleeding or the presence of a tumor in the red marrow that reduces the RBC production.

Other causes of anemia include pregnancy, immune system problems that cause the destruction of blood cells or inadequate thyroid hormone and testosterone deficiency (Zieve, 2011).

Signs and Symptoms Anemia usually presents itself through feeling of weakness, fatigue, and chest pains among patients.

The decline in the hemoglobin level in the RBC is caused by the iron-deficiency, the deficiency of Vitamin B-12, or copper in the diet.

Abnormal hemoglobin results from sickle-cell anemia and other genetic disorders (Chiras, 2011).The production of this hormone takes place in the kidney cells, when the level of oxygen in the blood stream declines (Chiras, 2011).For example, when a person loses blood in an accident, this hormone stimulates the cells in the red bone marrow to divide and multiply thus increasing the RBC production.Other causes of this reduction include the injuring of the bone marrow by medications and treatments involving radiation and chemotherapy.Moreover, infectious diseases such as malaria reduce the RBC concentration.These tests include testing the blood levels of vitamin b-12 and folic acids, undertaking the red blood cells count to determine the number, size, volume and the hemoglobin content, establishing the reticulocyte count, ferrite and iron levels (Zieve, 2011).Anemia Treatment The treatment of anemia may take different approaches.These include blood transfusions, the prescription of medications that suppresses the immune system in the case of hemolytic anemia, the application of erythropoietin medication to stimulate the production of more red blood cells by the red marrow, and provision of supplements for iron, Vitamin B12, folic acid and other lacking vitamins and minerals.Although the normal anemia is not a life threatening condition, it weakens a person’s resistance to other ailments and interferes with productivity.Considering their function, these cells are the most abundant cells in the human body.20 drops of blood comprise of approximately 5 billion RBCs (Chiras, 2011).


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