Is Abortion Right Or Wrong Essay

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It is time to change this law and make abortion illegal across the nation.

Abortion is a bad influence for the young people, how is it this way?

Before I start, I just want to say that I understand that this is very touchy subject to be discussed. I believe that no one can really truly understand the issue of abortion unless you have been in the situation of having one yourself.

I know many of you will either share the same views as me or the total opposite. But I hope you will all be respectful and listen to my views on this sensitive topic.

They believe that a woman should be in control of her body and should have the right to choose if she wants a baby or not.

However there are also many people who believe that abortion is wrong and that a woman should not of them out.In situations like “financial hardship” abortion should be allowed, and infanticide should be allowed if the mother is “damaged by giving up their newborns for adoption” (p.352).Against their belief, Porter believe “A right to life does not guarantee that killing a creature is impermissible in any circumstance” (p. He goes further and says these topics are living in New York for the length of their pregnancy 20 or continuously travel back to New York for check-ups.Many teenagers cannot provide the right conditions for raising a child for they are still children themselves.The effects of having a baby can result in an end in a future career, meaning that there is a high possibility of the mother and child living in poverty.There is also the issue of rape that has to be considered when we discuss the importance for woman having a right to safe and legal abortions.It seems obvious to most people that they shouldn't force a woman who has become pregnant as a result form being raped to give birth to the baby.Abortion is the termination of a fetus when it is in the womb.Currently abortion is legal in America and many people believe that it should remain legal.If the mother gives birth to the baby she might be unable to bear the psychological trauma of the event and so getting the abortion would prevent her that grief.In reality most woman are hopefully smart enough to realize that abortions are a serious matter.


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