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Although Edith Cowan has passed away she is remembered for illustrating the Australian spirit of fighting for what you believe in.

Simpson was an Englishman who only lived in Australia for four years.

During that time he travelled around Australia as a swagman, working as a jackeroo and a coal miner.

This courage reflected on the world - view of Australia.

We had proved that we were able to defend ourselves in a time of war and were a force to be reckoned with.

Edith was brought up in an unstable household, her mother died when she was eleven and her father shot and killed his second wife a crime for which he was hung.

At the age of seventeen Edith married James Cowan who worked in the Supreme Court.

People are not born or destined to be heroes they become one from the decisions they make in life.

Only a special calibre of person is to become great, the people who demonstrate the Anzac spirit.

As the chairperson of the Red Cross Appeal Committee she helped the wounded.

In 1920 Edith was awarded the order of the British Empire and in the same year was the first woman elected to Australian parliament.


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