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John Snow Cholera Essay-2
It is still prevalent in areas with inadequate sanitation and poor food and water hygiene and remains a major global public health problem today.The classic symptoms of cholera are sudden onset profuse, watery diarrhoea, and nausea and vomiting.

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He used rows of houses on opposite sides to each other, everyone on one side caught the disease, and only one on the other side contracted it.

So it would be basically 2.) and 3.) ke Wetland Preserve.

Excerpt from Source #3: Study on Economic Growth in Waketown by Waketown Town Council Key Events in Waketown 1990: Wake Wetland Preserve established by the state government. 2011: Building begins in Wake Heights neighborhood. confused, because the narrator sounds sane, despite claiming not to be.c.

The animals and plants in the area were protected by park rangers. concerned for the narrators safety, since he claims that someone has committed a crime against himd.

Drawing water away from this area to provide water for a housing development would significantly reduce the amount of wetness in the area.

If this marsh were to be dried up, the plant and animal life would perish. Wake Wetland Preserve loses its government protection.If part of the ecosystem is damaged, the entire ecosystem will eventually fall apart.Take, for instance, the wetlands in the Wake Wetland Preserve in northern Waketown.John snow is the father of epidemiology, He used both reasoned argument and documentary evidence to show that cholera spreads from person to person.He conducted an experiment that soon proved to be correct.They also point out that, contrary to popular retellings, the “map did not give rise to the insight” that the pump and its germ-covered handle caused the outbreak.“Rather it tended to confirm theories already held by the various investigators.” Snow himself published a pamphlet in 1849 called “On the Mode of Communication of Cholera” in which he argued that “cholera is communicated by the evacuations from the alimentary canal.” As he reminded readers of in an 1856 letter, in that same year, “Dr William Budd published a pamphlet ‘On Malignant Cholera’ in which he expressed views similar to my own.” Germ theory had a long, distinguished history already, and Snow and his contemporaries made sound, evidence-based arguments for it. John Snow was an English physician and one of the fathers of modern epidemiology.He was vital in discovering the method of communication of cholera, by tracing the source of an outbreak in Soho, London, in 1854.This area is home to nearly a hundred species of wildlife and thousands of species of plant life.All of these life forms thrive because of the wet environment.


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