Linguistics Dissertation Topics

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Messenger PDF Spanish Heritage Bilingual Perception of English-Specific Vowel Contrasts, John B.

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One of the things that students struggle with day in and day out when it comes to academic is writing.

The question in this regard has always been, do you have what it take compose an academic paper or what are some of the requirements a student needs in order to craft a strong paper?

Randomly Distributed Comparative Judgment: A Comparison of Two Approaches to Second-Language Writing Assessment, Maureen Estelle Sims PDF Investigating the Perception of Identity Shift in Trilingual Speakers: A Case Study, Elena Vasilachi PDF Preparing Non-Native English Speakers for the Mathematical Vocabulary in the GRE and GMAT, Irina Mikhailovna Baskova PDF Eye Behavior While Reading Words of Sanskrit and Urdu Origin in Hindi, Tahira Carroll PDF An Acoustical Analysis of the American English /l, r/ Contrast as Produced by Adult Japanese Learners of English Incorporating Word Position and Task Type, Braden Paul Chase Quizlet Flashcards for the First 500 Words of the Academic Vocabulary List, Emily R.

Crandell PDF The Impact of Changing TOEFL Cut-Scores on University Admissions, Laura Michelle Decker PDF A Latent Class Analysis of American English Dialects, Stephanie Nicole Hedges PDF Comparing the AWL and AVL in Textbooks from an Intensive English Program, Michelle Morgan Hernandez PDF Faculty and EAL Student Perceptions of Writing Purposes and Challenges in the Business Major, Amy Mae Johnson PDF Multilingual Trends in Five London Boroughs: A Linguistic Landscape Approach, Shayla Ann Johnson PDF Nature or Nurture in English Academic Writing: Korean and American Rhetorical Patterns, Sunok Kim PDF Differences in the Motivations of Chinese Learners of English in Different (Foreign or Second Language) Contexts, Rui Li PDF Managing Dynamic Written Corrective Feedback: Perceptions of Experienced Teachers, Rachel A.

Bergmann PDF The function of phrasal verbs and their lexical counterparts in technical manuals, Brock Brady PDF The importance of phonological practice and other strategies for vocabulary recall and comprehension, Kristi Allyn Du Bois PDF A study of the perceptual learning style preferences of Japanese students, Elizabeth Ann Hoffner PDF Analysis of English articles used by Japanese students, Noriko Iwasaki PDF An investigation of English spelling problems of Arabic-speaking students, Deborah Georgette Keim PDF Patterns of rhetoric/patterns of culture : a look at the English writing of Japanese students, Suzanne Raschke PDF Effects of setting on Japanese ESL students' interaction patterns, Noriko Yamamoto PDF An evaluation of the academic success of students who participated in the English for non-native residents program at Portland State University, Linda Carol Andrews Dunn PDF Cross-cultural differences in written discourse patterns : a study of acceptability of Japanese expository compositions in American universities, Hiroko Kitano PDF Study of referential and display questions and their responses in adult ESL reading classes, Susan Lindenmeyer PDF Phrasal verbs in academic lectures, Robert D.

Discourse studies is a vast field which offers many fascinating details about people, culture, movements, technology, and all other changes having taken place throughout the time.

Owen PDF Understanding Chinese Language and Culture: A Guidebook for Teachers of English in China, Austin Cody Pack PDF Sparking Metacognition: Contextualizing Reading Strategies for Low-Proficient ESL Readers, Deborah L.

Pratt PDF Perceptions of English Proficiency Levels: The Unspoken Expectations of Native English Speakers, Alison Divett Roberts PDF Pro-Drop and Word-Order Variation in Brazilian Portuguese: A Corpus Study, Stewart Daniel Smith PDF A Teacher's Guide to Academic Reading: Focusing on the Academic Reading Demands of ESL Learners, Rebecca Jean Stone PDF An Empirical Study on the Effects of Music and Sound Effects in Fiction E-Books, Alissa Eugenia Strong PDF Borrowing the Essentials: A Diachronic Study of the Semantic Primes of Modern English, Karen Esther Swan PDF Facilitating Language Learner Motivation: Teacher Motivational Practice and Teacher Motivational Training, Shelby Werner Thayne PDF A Dictionary of Unorthodox Oral Expressions for English Learners and Teachers, Eewen Ting PDF Curriculum Development for the Novice Developer, Darcy L.

Holland PDF Bringing the Tutors to the Students: An Investigative Study of WAC Tutoring in Second Language Contexts, Kendon C.

Kurzer PDF A Novice Teacher's Shoebox: A Volunteer EFL Teacher Training Curriculum, Piret Luik PDF Speaking Like a Brahmin: Social Aspects of a Register of Spoken Telugu, Bradley B.


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