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The LSTM cell provides an output based on an event and considers the long term memory and the short term memory while making the prediction. But the main takeaway should be that LSTMs are super useful when it comes to working with RNNs.Now that we have a basic understanding of how RNNs work, let’s come back dto the original problem: how do I get out of doing my English homework?

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No doubt with a better architecture and more extensive data, you could get results that might be indistinguishable from what a human would write.

Even though I might not be able to get a neural network to write out my English essays for me just yet, I think that with a bit more experimenting and testing, I can cheat my way out of at least of my assignments.

Maybe it’s the fact that assignments are always super subjective.

Maybe it’s because the books that we’re forced to read are long and boring.

The main topics covered are: Note: except from a few common topics only briefly addressed in G22.2565-001, the material covered by these two courses have no overlap.

It is strongly recommended to those who can to also attend the There will be roughly 4 assignments and a project.

Then it might be able to look at the frames in between until it gets to the last frame of the video and it sees a guy that has fallen down.

But once it gets there, it’s forgotten whether or not the guy was standing up in the first place.


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