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Biomass combustion chamber analysis and optimization using the toolbox Open FOAM® and the flamelet model built and published by the CRECK modeling group (Chemical Reaction Engineering and Chemical Kinetics Group, Milano, Italy). The following publication is the master thesis of Tobias Holzmann done within the Thermoprozesstechnik Group Bosch in Lollar (Gießen / Germany).

The thesis introduces the basics of computational fluid dynamics and turbulence modeling.

Abstract: Commonly used methods for injection moulding simulation involve a considerable number of simplifications, leading to a significant reduction of the computational effort but, in some cases also to limitations.

In this work, Reaction Injection Moulding (RIM) simulations are performed with a minimum of simplifications, by using the general purpose CFD software package CFX, designed for numerical simulation of fluid flow and heat and mass transfer.

Finally, the mass conservation, momentum, cure and energy equations are implemented all together to simulate the simultaneous filling and curing processes present in the RIM process.

The obtained numerical results show a good global accuracy when compared with other available numerical and experimental results, though considerably long computation times are required to perform the simulations.

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