Math Problems To Solve For Fun

The only supplies you need are a box of toothpicks, a workspace, and a puzzle to solve.

The goal is for students to transform given geometric figures into others by adding, moving, or removing toothpicks.

For instance, a square that contains a 3 would have line segments on three sides, and a square that contains a 2 would have line segments on two sides, and so on.

See the example boards and solutions for a 5 x 5 grid below.

When incorporating problem solving activities aim to make them open-ended and playful to keep your student engaged.

Incorporating fun activities like these from time to time foster creative and flexible thinking and can help your student transfer problem solving skills to other subject areas.Each person needs a piece of string with a loop tied in both ends so it can be worn like “handcuffs”.Before tying off the loop on the second wrist, the participants loop the string around each other so they are hooked together.A more advanced student can be challenged to create their own problem. Is it possible to make a problem with four or more possible solutions?Exercise lateral thinking skills– solving a problem through an indirect and creative approach that is not immediately obvious.2) The string cannot be broken, cut, or damaged in any way. This activity not only tests problem-solving skills, but it also promotes positive communication, teamwork, and persistence.Problem-solving skills are not always taught directly but often learned indirectly through experience and practice.You need two people, two pieces of string (or yarn) about one meter long each (or long enough so the person who will wear it can easily step over it), and some empty space to move around.If possible, use two different colored pieces of string.The figure below illustrates how the strings should appear when completed.The goal is to unhook the strings while following these guidelines: 1) The string must remain tied and may not be removed from either participant’s wrists.


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