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Memoir Assignment-52
I leave this up on the Smartboard for the duration of class.

It could be as basic as just riding home from the grocery story in the back seat of the car, slowly peeling back the wrapper and inhaling the white chocolate aroma of a Zero bar.

This usually prompted students to get a little more down on paper.

One page of writing is a lot to a sixth-grader, so I offer to give them ideas if they get stuck and can’t fill up the page.

Probably the best thing about these candy memoirs is they allow me to talk with each student individually and get to know them a little better.

I turned on my document camera, and asked kids to draw a line on their copy of the memoir.

This line was just above the last paragraph, which contained a reflection or observation written by the student about the memory.Then I asked the kids to unfold their paper After everyone had unfolded their paper, I announced, “Presto! Just like magic, Hunter’s narrative has turned into a memoir!” By folding down the final paragraph, which contained the reflection, we revealed the memoir.I then asked the kids to crease the paper on the line, folding the last paragraph under the sheet of paper.I made a point to call the part they were now looking at a personal narrative.(There are a few essays with passages not suitable for middle school, so plan ahead for that.) However, this book provides enough texts to share with students to help them get ideas for their own.Following all of these read-alouds, we did quite a bit of sharing.For good measure, we did this one more time with an essay titled “Ice Cream” from the book, Liftin’s book contains several (around 30-40) memoir essays about specific candies.I especially like the chapters on Bottle Caps, Ice Cream, Tootsie Rolls, the Bubble Burger, Sugar, Candy Corn, and Conversation Hearts.This one was called “Whatchmacallits and Me” and had been written by Hunter, a former student who is now in high school.Several of the kids knew this student and were curious to see his writing.


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