Mexican Drug Cartel Thesis Statement

Mexican Drug Cartel Thesis Statement-26
Drug Trafficking is an illegal act of smuggling narcotics and controlled substances for extra money.Mexican Drug Cartel is any criminal organization with the intention of supplying drugs into other countries even though they could get into a lot of trouble.

[tags: Colombia, Drugs, Chased] - John Doe at 33 years old was a mule for a drug cartel in Venezuela.

He had the choice of carrying seven kilos into Canada or his family killed.

Popular music lyrics glorify the cartel and attract new young members.

Cartels have begun to diversify and are finding new ways to make money and control even larger segments of Mexican industry.

[tags: sinaloa cartel, chapo guzman] - Maria Lara COMM 150 I. Attention Getter: A man 's face was found stitched on to a soccer ball, his body was found cut into 7 separate pieces in different locations with a single note that read "Happy new year because this will be your last". Background: The Sinaloa Cartel has become one of the most predominate suppliers of illegal narcotics in the entire world....

Headlines liked these are becoming much more common in Mexico, but who 's responsible for gruesome deaths like these. [tags: Mexican Drug War, Drug cartel, Sinaloa Cartel] - Fear is something that comes as a daily routine for those who live on the border of Arizona and Mexico.- The Mexican drug cartel is made up of many different cartels, but the main one is the Sinaloa cartel.The Sinaloa cartel is one of the most dangerous cartels in mexico, it is also the most optimistic cartel in mexico, they will go to high extents into their projects.America is slowing down drug trafficking and dru...[tags: Mexican Drug War, Drug cartel, Slavery] - What has happened to the Los Zetas cartel is a good example of how the Mexican drug war is not only between the cartels and the Mexican government.In order for the process to go smoothly he destroyed any identification and went through his plan.He told the Canadian Immigration that he was an illegal immigrant and had to be deported immediately back to his country, but with complications the government wanted a background check on him and released him.As worldwide demand for illegal drugs increases, so does the violence.There are two major rival cartels currently campaigning to take over Mexico.Miguel ran through the isolated streets and narrowly dodged a mailbox as he stared at the gun-shaped bulge under the man’s coat.Exhausted and panicked, he ran into a narrow alleyway which was partly concealed by a dumpster....


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