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While most personal mission statement examples are typically made solely for the eyes of the person who wrote it, sharing the statement could help others better understand the author.

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A mission statement is a key tool that can be as important as your business plan.

It captures, in a few succinct sentences, the essence of your business's goals and the philosophies underlying them.

A personal mission statement could be a sentence, a paragraph or an essay that explains your purpose.

The best personal mission statement examples can also be a quote or mantra that speaks to how you want to live your life.

People that look up to you may be inspired to reflect on their core values and create their own personal statement.

And people who want to work with you may get a better sense of projects that you would actually be interested in.Even if it isn’t perfect, do your best and remember that you can revise your statement as needed.To see how to write a personal mission statement up close, and for more inspiration, take a look at some of our favorite examples in the next section.We motivate and encourage others to achieve their own personal and professional fulfillment.Our motto is: Together, we believe that the best in each of us enriches all of us."The Write Words To come up with a statement that encompasses the major elements of your business, start with the right questions.Answering the following questions will help you to create a verbal picture of your business's mission: Putting It All Together Like anything with lasting value, crafting a mission statement requires time, thought and planning. In fact, most start-up entrepreneurs discover that the process of crafting the mission statement is as beneficial as the final statement itself.Going through the process will help you solidify the reason for what you are doing and clarify the motivations behind your business.No need to rush and make your personal mission statement public, but if it makes sense for you, go for it.When it comes to writing a personal mission statement, it’s easy to put it off – after all, summing up who you are and what you want out of life in a sentence or two can be a little bit intimidating.But don’t worry, all the best personal mission statement examples will and should change over time as experiences shapes who you are. Here’s how to write a personal mission statement in no time.Your personal mission statement is important, so dedicate the time that it deserves.


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