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And one is, let's say, talking to kids about how important the opening piece is in grounding the reader, and taking the reader by the hand, really, and leading them into your multigenre paper.So I spend a lot of time on, you know, what's going to be your opening piece?So one of the students did a multigenre project on Ernest Hemingway and she brought her project in an Ernest Hemingway strongbox. I never ceased to be amazed at how teachers take the concept of multigenre in ways that I never imagined.

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So there could be a news story in it, different kinds of poetry, haiku, free-verse, short anecdotes, dialogues, want ads—all of the different genres that you have in your paper, though, have the same, are about the same theme or about the same topic.

So, I guess, multigenre would be something like in the old days we used to watch slide shows, right, and each slide would be up on the screen and it would be complete in and of itself, but all of the slides taken together make a comment about the topic as a whole.

Once they start to write, the writing generates more writing.

The more writing they do, the more ideas they get for other genres they can put into their paper.

Unlike a traditional research paper, it is more often a powerfully moving paper filled to overflowing with the writer’s own voice.

My approach to multi-genre writing has been directly influenced by Tom Romano, author of Blending Genres, Altering Style.

And I want to show my students how they can add unity to their multigenre paper.

For example, maybe one girl wrote about her grandmother who had died several years before and she had an indelible moment that she wrote about her grandmother, who was Italian, at the stove making spaghetti sauce.

While a graduate student at UNH, I was fortunate enough to take Dr.

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