Multiple Sclerosis Apa Essay

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A newly identified difference between the brains of women and men with multiple sclerosis (MS) may help explain why so many more women than men get the disease, researchers report.

A colon should follow the publication date and no space should be provided between the colon or the page number(s) and hyphen.

As with the volume number, use Arabic numerals to indicate an edition, even if the publisher has used Roman numerals, but do not indicate a first edition.

When the researchers tested brain tissue samples obtained from 20 patients after death, they found more S1PR2 in MS patients' brains than in people without the disorder.

Brain tissue from females also had higher levels of S1PR2 than male brain tissue.

Additionally, inclusive page numbers for the each chapter should be provided.

The title of the book, however, should be title cased and italicized, following the print book format.

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