Multiple Sclerosis Research Paper Outline

Functional MRI represents a powerful tool to detect task-related cortical activations and their changes potentially related to brain reorganization following MS damage, (RRMS) in November 2014.She was treated by interferon beta (Rebif 44), with a suboptimal response.The system is able to calibrate the working space according to patient's active mobility, and provides information about specific movement parameters.

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The subject performed repetitive finger opposition movements (thumb to index-middle-ring-little) with her right and left hand respectively for 180 consecutive seconds (60 active movements–60 resting state) at self-paced tone.

In addition she performed a bimanual task paced her movements with the tone of a metronome fixed at 2 Hz.

Once the UL was fitted to the system, the working space and the exercises were selected.

The working sessions were supervised by a skilled physiotherapist, who modified the exercise programs according to patient's progress. Data were acquired at 1 k Hz (National Instrument Board 800008B-01).

Our patient underwent a total of 40 1 hour-training sessions (i.e., 5 times a week for 8 consecutive weeks).

During the first session, the device was adjusted for patient's arm size and angle of suspension.

f MRI-sequences were build on block paradigm of 60 volumes (number of slice = 35, slice thickness = 5 mm; TR = 3000 ms; TE = 30 ms; field-of-view = 224 × 240 mm; matrix = 2 × 2 mm, duration = 3.09 minutes).

At T0 and T1, we acquired 3 f MRI run based on a block paradigm alternating 3 30 seconds task periods with 3 30 seconds rest periods.

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