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You can access the template below, but before you dive in, you can scroll down a little further to learn more about some of the topics you’ll need to include.Access your free record label business plan template.

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In this climate certain things are close to impossible, but I’m sure your market research has taught you that.

Typical products and services should include live streams, digital downloads, merchandise, live shows, song licensing and physical products (i.e. – As painful as it may seem, it will serve you well to put down on paper, the troubled state of the music industry. Explain that the only way to survive this music biz recession is to come up with something new and improved.

Your business plan should set realistic goals, address any issues early on, and develop a clear path for the future of your record label.

A solid business plan is also essential when you come to secure loans or new investment in the future.

The following Music business plan template gives you the key elements to include in a winning Music business plan.

Below are links to each of the key sections of your Music business plan: I. Important: This link will take you to our 'View Only' business plan on Google Docs.Just click 'File Make a copy...' to create your own editable version.It is imperative, he adds, that music creatives look at their potential careers through the eyes of an entrepreneur starting a business.After all, he states; “being savvy in the business is the only way a music professional can truly survive in the music industry.” Gaining a better understanding of the Music Business is the key purpose of the seminar series recently launched by the Association of Caribbean Copyright Societies (ACCS) and the Caribbean Development Bank; piloted in Barbados through COSCAP.References: Barbados Investment & Development Corporation (BIDC) (n.d..) “Business Plan Workbook for Students.”“The annoying business side of music is where the creative person often becomes an ostrich with his head in the sand.” While the visual of Patrick Hess’ comment may cause a chuckle, it is indeed a reality that many creatives are not versed in the business aspects of their crafts.If you want to start a Music business or expand your current Music, you need a business plan. It will be much easier to know who is responsible for what beforehand.– Here is where you put your money where your music is.Essentially a business plan is a written document which outlines a business’ goals and provides a detailed description of how the business will achieve those goals. Why should you as a music creatives even draft one?According to BIDC, business plans are important because: – This section should discuss how your company is formed, is it a Sole Proprietorship? The idea is to outline who is involved in your business and to identify how each of you will share in the profits.– Briefly describe what you plan to sell.


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