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It may be that publishers in your sub-field are not really that concerned about the existence of an earlier, not blind peer-reviewed copy in your institutional repository. Q: Can I delay the release of my dissertation/thesis? A: Embargoes delay the availability of the full-text of your work to a specified duration of time.Once submitted, a record of the dissertation/thesis is still visible, which provides metadata, such as the title, author, year, abstract, school, and subject matter, just not the full-text of your work.For information about embargoing a thesis or dissertation, consult your program’s thesis/dissertation guide.

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If you are concerned about future publication possibilities, speak to your advisor about placing an embargo on your work, which would delay the release of the full-text for 6 months, 1 year, or 2 years.

Q: Could someone steal my ideas and publish them before I can if I make I my dissertation/thesis openly available?

Q: Could someone steal my ideas and publish them before I can if I make I my dissertation/thesis openly available? Q: What are the benefits of registering my copyright? Q: Do I need to pay Pro Quest to make my thesis/dissertation available open access? Q: Will making my dissertation/thesis openly available in the institutional repository hurt my chances for publication?

Q: I want to use graphs, charts, and images created by others in my dissertation/thesis. A: Talk to your advisor, others on your committee or in your department, basically anyone you know, to get a sense of the publishing landscape in your field. You could also think about seeking an embargo to give yourself a little more time. They are available for 6 months, 1 year, and 2 years.

You need to register before you can sue someone, and if it was not registered earlier, you are limited to seeking only actual damages and no attorney fees.

Pro Quest can register the copyright for you for a fee.

A: This is a valid concern, and we have ways to deal with it.

You can place an embargo on your work, which means no one can access the full-text of your dissertation/thesis for 6 months, 1 year, or 2 years.

Formal registration establishes a claim on your particular “expression” of your ideas. Depending on the amount and type of material being used, it may be more appropriate to seek permission.

Registration is a necessary step should you want to sue for copyright infringement. If the material you want to use in your dissertation/thesis is in the public domain, you don’t need permission or to do a fair use assessment, just don’t forget to cite it! Registering provides a date-stamp, which can be useful in establishing primacy of your work.


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