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I proud of my father and wish him good health, age.You Need application, letter, speech, essay, we are here to help you.

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On holidays, sometimes he takes the family for a picnic or sight seeing. During any natural calamities in the country, he raises funds along with others for relief for the distressed.

During the vacations, he takes us to some hill station or seaside for rest or recreation. He renders various kinds of social services during his leisure hours. My father gives us various information regarding incidents that happen around our country or abroad in order to enhance our general knowledge.

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On some evenings, he visits his friends, and at times, his friends visit us. In the evening when my dad returns from the school. My mother is the center of love and affection in our family. She gets up very early and performs her daily rites.

So some women of the neighbourhood come to her in the mid-day hour to learn these things from her. At times, he enquires about our Studies and gives some advice how to prepare our lessons scientifically and intelligently. After father goes to the office and us to our school and college, she does the cleaning work of the house. Then she finds some respite from her household work. After we have had our games when we come back, she asks us to clean ourselves and change our dresses. The best in the whole world and nobody is like him I ever seen.He is my friend and always ready to encourage, appreciate me for success and always ready to help me wherever I need a friend or a support of my father.With his personality, his role, and his unquestionable generosity, my father is a man who influences me the most.My father’s personality is not extraordinary or amazing, on the other hand, one of the simplest one I ever know.Sometimes he helps us in our lessons as given to us in the class. Our parents sacrificed their comforts for our better life. His love, help and guidance is a great source of strength me. Last year, he bought a set of textbooks and helpbooks for a class-fellow of mine who happened to be an orphan. They fed us, clothed us, and gave us a suitable education. We have written the useful and helpful essay on My Parents for School and College Students.


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