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They'll regret that when one of them is no longer around.   But that doesn't mean that we still won't think about it decades later.   We make friends with the wrong crowd, except we don't think there's anything wrong with them.

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  Most of us place way too much importance on what other people around us think about us.   In the moment, we think their opinions are crucial to our future success and happiness.   Maybe we didn't think we were worth having what we wanted.   Later on, we wish we could have been more self-confident. Living the life that my parents wanted me to live instead of the one I wanted to.   I know family members that haven't talked to a brother or sister for 30 years.  Whether they do or not, they're great at what they do and don't need to feel bad about not having that piece of paper. Choosing the practical job over the one I really wanted.I was watching CNBC the other day and one finance guy was being asked for advice on what college kids should major in today.It shouldn't take a major calamity to get us to prioritize our health and diet. We've got to figure it out as a group - and it's fun, even when it rains. The regrets most of us have is that we didn't correct some or most of those "little things" along the way. Kids love their parents, but they love doing stuff with their parents even more.  Small habits every day make a big difference here over time. Not having the courage to get up and talk at a funeral or important event. We can't control our spouse but we can control our actions and we know - deep down - we could have done more. And it doesn't have to be a vacation at the Four Seasons.  Yet, when you're close to death, you're probably going to wish you'd gotten over those fears on at least a few occasions, but especially at a loved one's funeral or some important event like a wedding.   He was in his late 30s with a great wife and 3 great boys.   Yet, when they start showing signs of problems - with school, or friends, or otherwise -- there's often been many years that have passed in which we could have and probably should have been spending more time with them.   There is always time to improve our relationships with our kids. In the backs of our minds, we know we're neglecting some stuff we should do. We begin to think about what our biggest regrets would be if we were suddenly sitting on our death bed. Days turn to months and then years and then decades. We never seem to forget - or forgive ourselves - for not speaking up against the bullies. We usually take some small solace in hearing that that bully later on made some unfortunate career stumble. Stayed in touch with some good friends from my childhood and youth. It is tough to simply be happy with the love that you've found and takes away from the special moments you have today, if you're constantly thinking back to what you once had -- which actually might not have been half as good as we think it was. Worrying about what others thought about me so much. Why did we allow the concerns of others to weigh so heavy on us instead of trusting our own beliefs? If we're not making the time to do stuff with our kids, we're robbing them of the chance to mimic us. Burying the hatchet with a family member or old friend.  He had cancer for the last 3 years of his life. Two months before he died, he called me and asked if I could come by to visit. And this is a big regret down the road for many of us, even though it might seem like a small thing next to family, career, and romance.   But, it can't wait another day, especially if it's a relationship that's been neglected for years. We can't change the past, so this list isn't meant for you to start a pity party. Here is a list of the 25 biggest ones we'll probably have. Working so much at the expense of family and friendships. There's usually one childhood or high school friend who we were best buddies with. We might have stayed in touch at first but then got busy. It's right next to us in the shower, just in case we see a new email icon light up through the steamed up shower glass. Breaking up with my true love/Getting dumped by them. Most of us place way too much importance on what other people around us think about us. In the moment, we think their opinions are crucial to our future success and happiness. Maybe we didn't think we were worth having what we wanted. Later on, we wish we could have been more self-confident. Living the life that my parents wanted me to live instead of the one I wanted to. I know family members that haven't talked to a brother or sister for 30 years. But neither he nor the other brother will make an effort. And there's blame on both sides - although I take one's side more.  Although there are many roads that lead to Rome, you're probably better off just starting immediately in the area that you love.   As long as I spend some quality time with him, we think, it will all balance out.   There are lots of busy executives who take control of their schedules in order to either be at home for dinners more or be at those special school events with the kids.   Everyone doesn't think of their health - until there's a problem. Yet, big trips with friends and family - to Disney World, to Paris, or even to the lake - are the stuff that memories are made of later in life. It's never just one thing that ends a marriage - even if that one thing is infidelity.  And at that point, we promise ourselves if we get better we'll do a better job with our health. We're all thrown in to some new unfamiliar situation together. There are usually lots of signs and problems leading up to that.  But, at the end of the day, you've got to live your life, not the government's. If you ask these folks, they'll tell you that it was for the best. And, of course, there are some marriages that shouldn't go on and where divorce is the best for all parties involved.  There are many who think they need to take a "consulting job" to build up their experience before settling in to a job they love.   I had an old mentor who used to tell me, "when it comes to parenting, it's not ."   When we get so busy at work, we comfort ourselves knowing that we're going to stay late at the office again with the idea that we'll make it up by taking our son to a ballgame on the weekend. Not taking care of my health when I had the chance. However, if you talk to many people privately, they'll tell you they regret their marriage breaking up.


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