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Wiesel shows the reader the major role that God plays in his life, by starting his memoir with Moche, the beadle.Moche is Wiesel's teacher in the mysteries of the Kabbala, and other secret matters of the Jewish religion.

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James Schiffer (ed.), Twelfth Night: New Critical Essays. This volume of essays on Twelfth Night offers a range of approaches to the play, from a reassessment of key editorial puzzles, to explorations of the plays social and intellectual contexts, to significant instances of its performance history.

Two especially rich essays elaborate the ways early modern theories of the faculties and the passions inform the language and action of Twelfth Night.

Schiffer's introduction gives an overview of the intertwining history of criticism and performance of Twelfth Night through four centuries, citing some of the most notable commentaries of each kind and demonstrating their relatedness.

Much of this swift-moving "long view" provides food for further thought--for instance, about changing responses to the play's female roles on the part of producers as well as scholars.

Eli Wiesel overcomes this fear by publicly relaying his survival of the Holocaust.

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"Night", his powerful and moving story, touches the hearts of many and teaches his readers a great lesson.

In Buna, one of three prisoners who were hung was a little boy, who was a servant of a member of the resistance group in the camp.

Once the boy was publicly hung, the boy was still alive, just hanging there on the noose for about half an hour.

Wiesel's belief in God is torn away from him by the cruelty of the Nazis and his experiences at the concentration camps.

As a result of Wiesel's degrading faith, Wies...


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