North Vs South Slavery Essay

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Report broken link The right of holding slaves is clearly established in the Holy Scriptures, both by precept and example.

The Southerners held ever firmer to their arguments as the political tensions in the country drew us ever closer to the Civil War.

A History of the Defense of Slavery in America A book review of Larry Tise's Proslavery: A History of The Defense of Slavery In America.

Read the words of contemporary Southern slaveholders to see why they thought slavery was right. South Carolina's Information Highway has provided a list of links from folks down in Dixie before the Civil War.

Report broken link Contemporary White Opinions of Slavery How did a Southerner feel about daily life with slaves? Find out first-hand what they thought of slavery here. D., Baptist, of South Carolina (19th-Century Reverend)Learn More...

Fitzhugh maintained that all labor is essentially slavery and that the "slavery" of free workers is more cruel than the complete slavery of blacks.

There are links to electronic versions of his books.Defenders of slavery argued that slavery had existed throughout history and was the natural state of mankind.The Greeks had slaves, the Romans had slaves, and the English had slavery until very recently.Consequently, the middlemen (mostly Northerners) made more money off the cotton than the Southerners did.The Southern people were not dependent upon one another due to the self-sufficient nature of plantations.They said that their owners would protect and assist them when they were sick and aged, unlike those who, once fired from their work, were left to fend helplessly for themselves., a minister, wrote in 1860, "The parties in this conflict are not merely Abolitionists and slaveholders, they are Atheists, Socialists, Communists, Red Republicans, Jacobins on the one side and the friends of order and regulated freedom on the other." When a society forms around any institution, as the South did around slavery, it will formulate a set of arguments to support it.The first half of the nineteenth century was also a period of great expansion for the United States.In 1803, the nation purchased the vast Louisiana Territory from France, and in the late 1840s it wrestled Texas and five hundred thousand square miles of land in western North America from Mexico.How Economy Differences between the North and the South and the Pattern of Railroad Construction Fed Sectional Tensions before the Civil War. The move toward industry made the regional differences between the North and South more pronounced and kept these sections of the United States further apart. The invention of the cotton gin expanded the institution of slavery forcing the Southern economy to become even more dependent on slavery and less interested in developing their own manufacturing which maintained their rural atmosphere. economy advanced and grew in size, each region of the country developed its own characteristics. S., the South continued to concentrate on this main product.


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