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PA programs are graduate programs (MS or MSPA) that require a BA/BS and are almost always run in conjunction with a collegiate-based School of Medicine. Above all, when writing your Admissions Essay -- be honest, be yourself, tell us why you want to be an NP and be SURE to use correct grammar - appropriate usage of terms, spelling and punctuation. just over 3.0, the minimum required for consideration), explain the circumstances in a well-written paragraph or two. The minimum GPA required is a 3.0; sometimes there are extenuating circumstances that resulted in applicants having achieved a lower GPA in undergraduate studies. We actually encourage applicants to have recent acute or community-based nursing experience - it's very important that you are "current" in practice.The educational experience for NPs and PAs is in some ways similar and other ways very different - they each receive a considerable amount of training in Pathophysiology, Disease Processes, Pharmacology and Diagnosis & Treatment. Above all, take responsibility for your own successes and shortcomings - show that you are an individual who we would be proud to have as a graduate of the Husson University FNP Program! That said, full-time work is discouraged once students begin the internship phase, after 18 months of study.

Your role will be to provide input into the selection process and follow through with the assigned preceptor as directed by the Coordinator.

We are responsible for interviewing new preceptors and ensuring their ability to provide this important piece of education for students, as well as setting up contracts and other necessary paperwork.

See "Criminal Background Checks" section of the The Graduate Department Chair and/or Program Director will review the applicant's previous academic preparation and/or competency in required courses in order to award transfer credit.

Any deficiencies will be met by enrollment in required courses.

PAs receive much more training in terms of hospital-based medicine - general surgery, emergency medicine and orthopaedics - while FNPs (specifically) receive much more training in relation to the care of families in communities, with a major focus on the provision of primary care. Many students find that taking a per diem position provides them with the flexibility they need to increase or decrease work hours dependent on semester requirements. Who organizes the internship (clinical) experience? Many programs require students to find their own preceptors.

At Husson University, our Internship Coordinator will work with you to find preceptors who are best suited for your needs.

All applicants will be reviewed in an individual and holistic manner.

No single factor will determine a student's admission.

Generally, credits earned at an accredited college or university are accepted for transfer credit provided course content is equivalent.

A grade below B is not acceptable for transfer credit.


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