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In Dickens time the law was corrupt and unjust, which is clearly expressed through the magistrates and Bumble.This is emphasised especially through the way they treat Oliver: “stand away, officer,” cried Fang, “let him, if he likes.” Oliver availed himself of the kind permission, and fell to the floor in a fainting fit.” Oliver is obviously in some distress, which Mr Fang is unable to see and he really doesn’t care about Oliver.

In Dickens time the law was corrupt and unjust, which is clearly expressed through the magistrates and Bumble.

However in Alan Bleasdale’s adaptation the audience have clear understanding that Fagin is under the influence of Monks, which is why he appears kind and generous, to influence Oliver to be a thief.Whereas in the famous Oliver musical, Fagin is interpretated as a loveable rogue and he his not driven to care for Oliver by Monks, but it happens by coincidence.This appears more unrealistic than Alan Bleasdale interpretation.As the story progresses it concentrates more on Fagin, and Bumble is introduced later in the book.The reader discovers that Fagin has a strong desire for materialism: “His eyes glistened as he raised the lid and looked in.” Dickens has carefully chosen the use of language, he has used a powerful adjective: glistened, which illustrates that Fagin has a desire for what’s in the box: Jewellery.But he uses very harsh adjectives to describe him, which suggests he his evil.As the novel progresses the reader discovers how cunning and manipulative Fagin is but when the reader is introduced to this character he appears loveable.Charles Dickens is portraying his concerns of the corruption of law through people who have power, such as the magistrates and Bumble, and that is why I have chosen Bumble to show how Dickens depicts him.Charles Dickens also portrays the personalities of his characters through their name; he does this with various characters.These two adaptations are very different, Alan Bleasdale’s interpretation has captured Fagin as a more realistic character and Lionel Bart’s version has captured him as a loveable rogue.Dickens has depicted Bumble as an evil character in the introduction; however, Fagin appears to be kind and generous in the introduction.


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