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In this lesson, we use names to introduce the concept of identity and the idea that each of our identities is the product of the relationship between the individual and society.Students will then broaden their exploration of identity and consider the other factors that influence who we are as individuals. Television is a major part of my life, a field I have been destined to pursue since the day I was born.

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They will consider the parts of our identity that are given to us as well as the parts that we choose.

This type of assignment is a short piece of writing that includes a subjective point of view of the writer.

My Name by Amanda There was a time, when I was very young, when I hated my own name. I used to wish all the time that somehow I could change my name to Serena, or Brooke, or Tina or anything.

It was not beautiful, like Christiana, or exotic, like Serena.

If each individual in the United States contributes to the nation’s collective identity, then it makes sense to start a course exploring United States history by thinking about the individuals who comprise the nation.

According to American author Ralph Ellison, “It is through our names that we first place ourselves in the world.

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But the story has been hashed and rehashed for years, most often when my birthday rolls around every February. And, no, our world does not end if we miss one of our favorite shows because of extenuating circumstances. Families bond over shared interests, and our main interest just happens to be TV.

” Since I was only a few hours old at the time, most likely resting after what was certainly my busiest day of existence yet, this is how I imagine the Great Claire Debate unfolded. Some of my best childhood memories are of my father and me playing basketball in our driveway. My sisters were both valedictorian of their high school graduating classes, and I am currently in the running for that title myself.


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