Outdoor Recreation Research Papers

NRPA’s Awareness and the Use of Parks report explores the role awareness plays in driving park and recreation usage and presents a series of steps that park and recreation leaders should consider when executing an awareness strategy.

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On another level, the prevalence of homeless individuals using park resources can put great pressure on the finite resources of park and recreation agencies.

The circumstances of homelessness vary significantly by city, with each park and recreation agency facing a unique set of challenges and holding a unique perspective.

Read the Report The NRPA Park and Recreation Salary Survey report provides comprehensive salary data and benefit policy details for 10 typical park and recreation positions based on a survey of 470 agencies across the US.

The full report also includes sample job descriptions and agency organization charts.

Historically, park and recreation agencies have had a complicated relationship with the homeless community they serve.

On one level, public parks are resources for the entire community, providing valuable services to all people.

Farmers Markets—Parks and Recreation Connecting Communities to Healthy Foods report explores the role park and recreation agencies play in bringing farmers markets to their communities.

The report explores markets’ product and services offerings—spanning from fresh produce and protein to entertainment and educational programming, as well as the organizations that agencies partner with to make their markets successful and the challenges they must overcome.

This report will help park and recreation professionals understand how local government officials view and prioritize these services. Park and recreation agencies are in a unique position to ensure that the needs of underserved older adults are being met.

Based on survey responses from 524 park and recreation professionals, this study explores how park and recreation agencies and their staff serve older adults.


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