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The Air Jordan, in this analysis, is a sacrament of sorts, or at least a particularly strong synecdoche.This sneaker is the body (and the athletic talent, and the self- and net worth) of Jordan. It was a myth partly invented to sell sneakers to young black men -- and, Dyson argues, to exploit a black cultural icon for commercial purposes: The sneaker reflects at once the projection and stylization of black urban realities linked in our contemporary historical moment to rap culture and the underground political economy of crack, and reigns as the universal icon for the culture of consumption.Like Jordans, it was about athletic performance and cultural performance in equal measure, frequently accompanied as it was by lank sun-blond hair and a Cali drawl.

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While the sneaker may no longer be "the universal icon for the culture of consumption" Dyson described -- at least, not in the white imagination -- in a lot of ways, the argument about the aura of the shoe holds true.

But there's a difference between the two -- and even today, it's the difference between a harmless lace-up and a paycheck-obliterating, riot-causing fetish object.

The sneaker symbolizes the ingenious manner in which black cultural nuances of cool, hip, and chic have influenced the broader American cultural landscape.

It was black street culture that influenced sneaker companies' aggressive invasion of the black juvenile market.

Your speech should come as the ultimate resolution to all problems arising during your performance.

It should never reserve the slightest hint on doubts.He continued: For Adidas to promote the athleticism and contributions of a variety of African-American sports legends -- especially Olympic heroes Wilma Rudolph and Jesse Owens and boxing great Muhammad Ali -- and then allow such a degrading symbol of African-American history to pass through its corporate channels and move toward actual production and advertisement, is insensitive and corporately irresponsible...This is exactly the kind of mindless commercialism our children need less of - especially in young urban America where 55 percent unemployment, 50 percent graduation rates, drugs and violence have them chained to uncertain futures already.Remember when all this had a moment and a Rainbow Coalition of self-proclaimed "sneakerheads" made it into monthly interviews in the ?It was, one reporter said, part of the "vintage craze." Sure as ever, hip whites moved on after a couple of years.A persuasive speech looks like a tough challenge for many students.The main mission is to convince your listeners that your point is the only right even if it is not.Was the Jordan campaign another stab at promoting black culture and raising the profile of African Americans through basketball?Or was it the exploitation of young black men by footwear companies, both as icons and as consumers? But Jordan is also the iconic fixture of broader segments of American society, who see in him the ideal figure: a black man of extraordinary genius on the court and before the cameras, who by virtue of his magical skills and godlike talents symbolizes the meaning of human possibility, while refusing to root it in the specific forms of culture and race in which it must inevitably make sense or fade to ultimate irrelevance.As with Chucks, there are few or no limits placed on the supply of skate shoes.A store might run out of the model you want, if you favor a more elaborate one -- but there's nothing like the artificial pressure sneaker companies put on today's basketball sneaker market.


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