Phd Thesis On Biogas Production

Biogas production is the conversion of the organic material into methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2) under anaerobic conditions.

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The de-oiled cakes of Karanja seed obtained from expeller units are of no use, and are disposed in the open.

The disposal of such non edible oil cake in the open and land fill generates various anthropogenic gases, and may increase the global warming potential (GWP).

Macroalgae, commonly known as seaweeds, are particularly suitable as substrate for biogas (~ 60% methane) production through anaerobic digestion (AD).

However, seaweeds are not yet fully exploited as a feedstock for biogas since some obstacles need to be overcome.

In Ireland, the influence of algal chemical composition variation according to genera, season and environment is still unexplored.

The aim of this research was to investigate and optimise the biogas production from Irish macroalgae when applying a mechanical pretreatment at different harvesting periods.The leaf protein concentrates presented relatively high protein contents up to 46% DM, balanced amino acid compositions compared with soybeans and high proportions of essential amino acids for pigs and poultry.Anaerobic co-digestion of the process side stream fractions cake and brown juice in the same ratio at which these fractions leave the biorefinery after protein extraction, could recover around 65% of the methane potential in the fresh crops.The protein biorefining process was also evaluated in a demonstration scale plant, processing 444 tons of freshly harvested clover grass continuously during four days and producing 1 ton of dried protein concentrate and 7 tons of protein paste, to be evaluated in large-scale animal feeding trials with laying hens.Besides, the influence of the development stage of the plants over the process yields, protein extractability and production of leaf protein concentrate was investigated.Results indicated that the overall extraction of proteins was reduced with maturity of the plants, and for this reason flowering should be avoided to optimize the production of leaf protein concentrates.The sample S3 was chosen for producing biogas in a large scale floating drum digester.The biogas obtained from the floating drum digester was stored in a gas bag and then characterized for its physiochemical properties, to ensure its application as a gaseous alternative fuel for CI engine.In terms of pretreatment energy consumption, more energy was generated with respect to the untreated scenario for the material harvested in autumn and winter.Biodiesel is considered as one of the potential liquid alternative fuels in many countries in the world.


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