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Organic waste has to be disposed in non residential areas while the inorganic matter should be recycled. Water pollution Background This involves the contamination of water bodies.This kind of pollution affects organisms and plants in these water bodies.“Such chemicals contaminate the land surface as well as the soil and hence may render the land unsuitable for farming” (Engelking 2007, p. This occurs when the urban waste matter is discriminately dumped.

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They include population pressure, socioeconomic factors, policy, and international trade as well as land use patterns.

Globalization decreases land productivity hence leading to degradation.

The mining activities are supposed to be controlled so as to prevent the problem from escalating.

People need to be taught on the best farming processes that will render the soil vulnerable to erosion.

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Gabions could also be built in areas that are adversely affected by the problem of erosion. Land pollution Background Land pollution occurs when hazardous wastes are disposed on the land.

Such substances could be urban wastes, agricultural chemicals, fertilizers, industrial wastes and radioactive substances.

Considering the fact that China is an industrialized nation, factories frequently opt to discharge their affluent into these water bodies.

About 90% of the cities in China suffer from water this kind of pollution.


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