Power Essay Macbeth

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The significance of power in the play Macbeth is portrayed as a tangible force that can change people in an incomprehensible way.

The play begins with Macbeth and Banquo receiving the witches?

predictions, but both react differently to the question of power.

The resistance to power is a temptation that is incredibly difficult to resist.

Macbeth tells her that King Duncan is coming to the castle for a banquet.

Lady Macbeth's facial expressions and actions show her nimble thinking.

It is interesting to note that Malcolm and Macduff do not resist regaining power as it is rightfully Malcolm? In some ways then, their purpose of attaining power is justified.

It remains to be seen, however, the type of king Malcolm will eventually become, and the type of subject Macduff will be to Malcolm, considering the prediction of Banquo? In conclusion, it is apparent that dramatic relationships are the sight of many power games, and the significance of power and the resistance to power can be studied by investigating the relationships between the several complex characters in the play, Macbeth.

However, on his first acquaintance with the witches, they reveal his prophecy, in which he shall soon be crowned king.

This awakens Macbeth's greed and slowly elevates his desire for power.


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