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Pre Algebra Problem Solving-11
Apply the multiplication rule for numbers in exponential form with the same base. Use order of operations to evaluate arithmetic expressions. Variables and Problem Solving Activity 2.1 How Much Do I Need to Buy? Recognize and understand the concept of a variable in context and symbolically. Translate a written statement (verbal rule) into a statement involving variables (symbolic rule). Chapter 1 Summary Chapter 1 Gateway Review Chapter 2.

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Determine the least common denominator (LCD) for two or more mixed numbers. Add and subtract mixed numbers with different denominators. Solve equations in the form x b = c and x - b = c that involve mixed numbers.

Solve equations of the form ax bx = c with fraction coefficients. Problem Solving with Mixed Numbers and Decimals Cluster 1 Mixed Numbers and Improper Fractions Activity 5.1 Food for Thought Objectives: 1. Activity 5.2 Mixing with Denominators Objectives: 1.

Recognize the associative property and the commutative property for addition. Translate a written statement into an arithmetic expression. Multiply whole numbers and check calculations using a calculator. Multiply whole numbers using the distributive property.

Recognize the associative and commutative properties for multiplication.

Estimate the quotient of whole numbers by rounding.

Determine the prime factorization of a whole number. Recognize square numbers and roots of square numbers. The first book of the Mathematics in Action series, Prealgebra Problem Solving, Third Edition, illustrates how mathematics arises naturally from everyday situations through updated and revised real-life activities and the accompanying practice exercises. Along with the activities and the exercises within the text, Math XL have been enhanced to create a better overall learning experience for the reader. Use a rectangular coordinate system to represent an equation graphically. Perform calculations involving a sequence of operations. Use order of operations with expressions that involve integers. Technology integrated throughout the text helps readers interpret real-life data algebraically, numerically, symbolically, and graphically. The active style of this book develops readers’ mathematical literacy and builds a solid foundation for future study in mathematics and other disciplines. Whole Numbers Activity 1.1 Education Pays Objectives: 1. Activity 3.6 Integers and Tiger Woods Objectives: 1. Identify properties of calculations that involve multiplication and division with zero. Evaluate algebraic expressions and formulas using integers. Cluster 2 Decimals Activity 5.4 What Are You Made Of? Identify place values of numbers written in decimal form. Convert a decimal to a fraction or a mixed number and vice versa. Activity 5.6 Quality Points and GPA: Tracking Academic Standing Objectives: 1.


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