Preschool Homework Sheets To Print

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I’m not saying you should never use a worksheet, especially with those kids who LOVE them.

Really you should only be using them with the kids that love them.

I would sit for an hour and complete a whole workbook.

My mom couldn’t buy enough workbooks to keep me satisfied, so I know that some kids do love them.

Let me start off by explaining what a worksheet means to me. There are no other materials used in conjunction with the worksheet.

These include handwriting practice sheets and coloring pages.

If you present a worksheet to a child and say “Read this so you can answer these questions.” Are they going to be motivated? But if a child is trying to learn how to build a sturdy fort, but must read the directions to learn how to do so, then that gives them a reason to learn.

I see parents all the time in different Facebook groups mention something like this…I’m at a lost.

But the simple manipulation of life cycle models or watching the life cycle happen in front of them is much more meaningful and appealing.

Hands on learning benefits all learning styles, even those kids who love to write.


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