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So many problems, some funnier and more annoying than others, can pop up. What kinds of college problems are you tackling and how did you overcome them?

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Adjusting to new food, people, environment and Homesickness is the feeling of discomfort due to being separated from home.

It causes students to be distracted, distressed, and down.

Compared with the National average SAT score of 1020, Atlanta Public School's SAT a...

Problems Faces by International Students in the UK Every year there are around 435,000 international students enrolled in universities around the UK (UKCISA).A teacher can stand in the front of a room and say that one plus one equals two all they like, but unless they've got a certain skill with teaching, their pupils will not understand.I believe that when a teacher isn't chosen carefully enough, even the brightest children can become dim.The following tips are for students to help themselves avoid some of the negative affects of these problems.While these issues are certainly not exhaustive, many college students will be affected by a number of them during their college experience.It was reported that only 83.7% of international students who suffer severe homesickness continue their education abroad.And those who continue their education may have significant inferences for first-year student success (Darlena Jones, 2012).It can also affect a student’s academic performance and social life.Those who suffer from homesickness are less likely to continue to the spring term.Studying abroad for a lot of these students is a privilege, however it can be a stressful experience for various reasons.There are plenty of challenges, other than language barrier, that these students face, like major culture shock, homesickness, and financial difficulties.


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