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It is worth to note that such activities provide an opportunity for the student to keep away from the stressing activities and focus on growth and development.

Exercises facilitate generation of desirable hormones that help reduce stress and facilitate the development of a positive perception towards life and education.

Second, it is important to organize your thoughts effectively once you have done your research; third, you must identify your audience (ask yourself to whom you are writing).

Finally, you must write your essay well, using proper language, grammar, and mechanics. Writing a problem-solution essay is much like writing any other essay in a few ways.

It affects their ability to interact with other students and thus affect their relationships and social integration.

Such students may face extended challenges particularly during discussions or group work.Though you may certainly offer your own ideas to solve the problem, it may serve you best to look for programs and policies that are already working.We know that schools have been doing more to combat this problem, so there should be some good research on what kinds of things are effective in battling bullying.Writing a problem-solution essay is much like writing any other essay in a few ways.First, it is essential to understand your subject matter, which means doing appropriate and scholarly research.before you can determine how best to address the problem with proven or potential solutions.Your sources may show slightly different statistics, as in the two sources I linked below; determine the best sources and give a range of numbers, if necessary, to be as accurate as possible.Physical activities, fun and adequate sleep are effective strategies to reduce or eliminate stress among students.For instance, physical activities and fun tend ensures that students are always involved with positive activities.Finally, use persuasive language to convince your readers both to accept the problem as you have researched it and to support others' efforts to curtail bullying or do something about it themselves if they can.Stress among school going children contributes to poor performance and reduced interest on educational issues.


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