Problem-Solution Essays On Drinking And Driving

The inability to process toxins leads to liver disease, such as hepatic encephalopathy.

Alcohol abuse can result in brain damage which causes impairments in executive functioning such as impairments to working memory, visuospatial skills, and can cause an abnormal personality as well as affective disorders to develop.

Individuals with an alcohol use disorder will often complain of difficulty with interpersonal relationships, problems at work or school, and legal problems.

Additionally, people may complain of irritability and insomnia.

Prolonged use leads to cirrhosis and liver failure.

With cirrhosis, patients develop an inability to process hormones and toxins.

Globally, alcohol consumption is the seventh leading risk factor for both death and the burden of disease and injury.

In short, except for tobacco, alcohol accounts for a higher burden of disease than any other drug.

Every single accident provoked by drinking and driving could have been prevented. “Car crashes are the number one cause of teen deaths in the United States.” “Every year about two-thousand teenagers are killed due to motor vehicle accidents (Teen drinking and driving. Adolescents do not have enough experience driving and that puts them more at risk that the average person.

About four thousand are injured.” Teenagers have more probability for being in a car wreck than any average person ages twenty on up.


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