Proud To Be A Canadian Essay

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It’s a natural assumption, given our similar accents and the chances of meeting a Canadian versus an American (the USA has ten times more people, of course more of them will be on the road).

We politely correct them, but sometimes our reference to the almost 9,000km border doesn’t even matter.

It was not uncommon for us, while living in this small remote Turkish town, to be questioned regarding their only exposure to our home country: a quirky Canadian character named Robin from the popular CBS sitcom, Robin is teased and tormented by her American friends for several stereotypes: her love of hockey and her obsessive use of the word “eh” when drinking, as well as the unsubstantiated notion that all Canadians fear the dark.

Chair throwing aside, Robin typically takes it all in stride and represents us fairly well.

Recent issues focus more on changes the things already occurring in the country, in contrast to preventing people from coming, or preventing changes from happening.

For example, Bill 94 requires people in Quebec to “uncover their faces to identify themselves in order to receive government services” (1).This is something that was not an issue in the past, but for whatever reason, the government has decided to enforce this new law.Although it may seem demeaning and unfair, the population must understand that all individuals must be treated equally, regardless of their ethnicity.It can be like flashing a gold card at an expensive night club, sometimes you just get treated better for it.Like C, some people don’t know a lot about us aside from a few popular celebrities.We are made out to be an extension of America, and sometimes get pulled into a discussion on our neighbour’s politics whether we choose to engage in it or not.A tour guide once noted that we were essentially the same because we had elected a “crazy conservative President, like Bush”.In contrast to other countries, multiculturalism adaptation works for the Canadian culture.Canadian policies on multiculturalism have shifted over the past few decades; policies are now implemented for integration, not discrimination.Once, while checking into a hostel in southern Chile, we overheard some Aussies talking with Brits about who they’ve met on the road. (And we’re real sorry about that.) Both Pete and I wear a Canadian flag on our backpacks, proudly.Some people do it in order to be automatically distinguished from our southern neighbours, but we do it for the instant rock-star status it brings.


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