Quaid E Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah Essay

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Sir Frederick had truly picked one in a million when he chose Jinnah.

When Jinnah's mother heard of his plans of going to London for at least two years, she objected strongly to such a move.

Officially named Mahomedali Jinnahbhai, his father enrolled him in school when he was sixthe Sindh Madrasatul-Islam; Jinnah was indifferent to his studies and loathed arithmetic, preferring to play outdoors with his friends.

His father was especially keen towards his studying arithmetic as it was vital in his business.

Jinnahbhai Poonja's firm was closely associated with the leading British managing agency in Karachi, Douglas Graham and Company.

Sir Frederick Leigh Croft, the general manager of the company, had a great influence over young Jinnah, which possibly lasted his entire life.After much persuasion by adamant Jinnah, she consented, but with the condition that Jinnah would marry before he went to England.'England', she said 'was a dangerous country to send an unmarried and handsome young man like her son.The bride's father however, was adamant that Jinnah should stay for the customary period of one and a half month after marriage.The two families, newly bonded in marriage, were about to break into a quarrel until the intervention of young Jinnah.For her, the separation for six months while her dear son had been in Bombay was testing, she said that she could not bear this long never ending stretch of two to three years.Maybe the intuition told her that separation would be permanent for her and that she would never see her son again.He remained in Bombay for only six months, returned to Karachi upon his mother's insistence and joined the Sind Madrassa.But his name was struck off as he frequently cut classes in order to ride his father's horses.Business was good and profits were soaring high.1 In 1887, Jinnahbhai's only sister Man Bai came to visit from Bombay. She offered to take her nephew with her in order to give him a chance of better education at the metropolitan city, Bombay, that was much to his mother's dismay who could not bear the thought of being separated from her undisputedly favorite child.Jinnah joined Gokal Das Tej Primary School in Bombay.2 His spirited brain rebelled inside the typical Indian primary school which relied mostly on the method of learning by rote.


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