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He kept on writing and became quite popular in England.They even wanted to knight him in 1924 but he refused. Conrad's contribution to the world of literature is profound and indifferent.

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Not only is the setting similar, Africa, the similarities of how the natives are seen and persecuted by the colonist are unprescidented.After traveling around the world a bit, he got involved in gunrunning in the West Indies.He liked to gamble, and because of this addiction he racked up huge debts which led him to attempt suicide.Achebe and Conrad both use the word "savage" as a term to describe the native people, because this is how they were seen by their opressors.Granted, neither author believes these people to be savages, but throughout both pieces of literature the natives are degraded both verbally and phisicaly.Finally he received some recognition for his work in 1910, and this is when his financial situation began to improve.However, his health was failing, but his pen grew stronger.As many as six million Africans died during the brutal rubber trade, overseen by the Belgians.Many are forced to be "carriers," for people on jungle expeditions that need to move cargo from one place to another.These packages they carry on their backs, on rough footpaths through the jungle, weigh between 40 and 70 pounds. It is a hard life, but this history sets up the action behind the drama in this book, as far as helping to smuggle ivory out, or carry supplies into the jungle nation.The recurring theme of darkness (a symbol for the reality of the society) and fear perpetuate the action, and utimatly envelops the characters that struggle with this dilema such as Kurtz.


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