Remilitarization Of The Rhineland Essay

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Hitler's developing relationship with Mussolini by 1936 had ensured that Italy would not object. The French agreement wth the Soviets in 1936 gave Hitler a pretext for action.

This allowed Hitler the ability to appeal to the anti-Communist forces in Britain and France to dnounce the Locarno Pact.

They were under orders to withdraw if the British and French responded militarily.

A military response from Britain and France could have dramatically changed 20th century history.

The principal colonial formations used were Senegalese Tirailleurs.

The Germans, who had been a colonial power in Africa were shocked at this.

The Americans and British with the Hundred Day Offensive, broke the German lines wide open on the Western Front (August-November 1918).

This forced the Germans to to ask for an Armistice which finally ended the War (November 1918).

This was one of the restictions that Hitler railed against in his speeches.

The situation in the Rhineland was different than in Saarland.


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