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This was done amid the complexity of the beggary problem and the diverse nature of the life experiences of each individual beggar considered in the study.Often the domestic currency is devaluated as well, which makes domestic goods cheaper for foreigners to buy, resulting in more exports of domestic goods abroad.Adam Smith, the Scottish philosopher who is also considered to be the founder of modern economics, made a reference to it when he critiqued mercantilism, the dominant economic system in Europe from the 16th to the 18th century.Beggar-thy-neighbor policy, in international trade, an economic policy that benefits the country that implements it while harming that country’s neighbours or trading partners.It usually takes the form of some kind of trade barrier imposed on the neighbours or trading partners or a devaluation of the domestic currency to gain competitive advantage over them.The presence of the old man sitting with arms clasping his knees broke the noisy atmosphere.I didn't know his real name, where he came from, or who his family was, nor did anyone in my small town. Once in a while, some spoiled children saw him; they threw sand at him, yelling, "Beggar man"¦beggar man"¦." From that time, "Beggar" became his name.*He looked so different from everyone else.As such, attempt has been made to explore matters pertaining to the overall event or scene of the beggary problem in the context of the Orthodox religious ceremonial days, precipitating causes for begging as a way of life, the beggars multifaceted impoverishment...The Beggar Our car stopped at the intersection and waited for the green light.His body shivered in the cool spring breeze."Hey, Vy, where are you going? As I crossed the small rough street, my heart beat faster and faster. I put all of them into his bag and immediately rushed home, swift as an arrow. Suddenly, he turned up his eyes and it seemed that he tried to say to me warmly with a confident smile as if he had just found a good friend for himself, "God bless you, my child." I was smiling again and said softly, "You are welcome." " Vy"¦Vy"¦ What are you thinking about? The car was still running, and my mind was still picturing Beggar. Looking at the beggar before I had gone with my friends for the festival in the downtown, I had realized that his eyes were glistening with firm confidence. Both of us, Beggar and I, had the same thought: in this world, not everyone is a callous person. I couldn't exactly explain the strange feeling coming through my body; I was smiling all the way home."Good job, girl," Tom said. " My boyfriend beat softly at my shoulder."Huh"¦nothing. Although that money couldn't bring to Beggar a comfortable life forever, I thought, at least, he wouldn't be hungry and didn't need to think much about the meals for that evening and some of the next cold days. English: The Beggar, by Pjetër Marubi (Piacenza, 1834 - Shkodra, 1903).


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