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Special attention is devoted to resources contextualization, to the provenance information and to the presentation of research projects and their outcomes. “Introduction: Archiving Research Data.” Archival Science 7 (1): 1–20.

Collections are described and made accessible taking into consideration their specific domain vocabularies and standards and a validation process is in place to ensure a qualified approach.

The tools developed for making accessible and preserving the academic outputs generally support creation of digital library and repositories for publications or for individual items. “Textual Representations and Knowledge Support-Systems in Research Intensive Networks.” In Toward Web Semantic: Connecting Knowledge in Academic Research, edited by B.

Specialized and efficient tools for identifying, describing, making available and preserving this heritage are requir ed.

Her research interests include linguistics and intercultural communication. degree of mapping and geographic information system (GIS) in China University of Mining & Technology (Beijing).

Wen-Sheng Zhang worked at the University of Milan, Italy from 2005 to 2006. Now, he works at the Shijiazhuang Railway Institute as an associate professor His research interests include mapping and GIS.

The risk of loss extends beyond the financial, however, without a serious effort to ensure long-term access to digital image files.

Understanding how to adapt preservation concepts to manage risk in the midst of rapid technological ferment is what preservation in the digital world is all about.

The ambition is to make it understandable and reusable both for the scientific community and professionals , and for no-academic users. “From Authority Control to Context Control.” In Respect for Authority: Authority Control, Context Control an Archival Description, edited by J.

Digital resources are described by the investigators themselves on the basis of detailed policies and with the support of professionals from the archival and librarian domains.


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