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Rock n’ Roll became quite a commercialized music which attracted lots of people. Ironically, such a commercialized music was chosen by people who were against consumerism of the society.Nevertheless, Rock n’ Roll can be regarded as a kind of embodiment of the major principles of that period: freedom and rebel. For instance, performers were not afraid of improvising and trying new things.Of course, the involvement of the country in the war in Vietnam was criticized by the majority of Americans.

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The majority of people did not understand the reasons for this unjust and cruel war.Rock n’ Roll was also a kind of rebel against conventions in music.Apart from this, singers could not remain ignorant to issues which divided the society into two camps. This band contributed greatly to the spread of this kind of music all over the world. For instance, such songs as ‘Say It Loud, I’m Black and I’m Proud’ by James Brown promoted “black pride, black unity and self-empowerment” (Bennett 22).It is also important to add that people were bombarded by news and photos from Vietnam.Not only soldiers witnessed the horrors of that war, civilians could also see those horrors due to reportages of journalists.They were singing about love and peace, brotherhood and equality.In fact, music has always been one of the most potent tools of putting some issues to the fore.Therefore, it is possible to claim that 1960-1970s were the times of “protest and rebellion” (qtd. As for Americans, they were tired of the war in Vietnam as well as they were tired of hatred within the society.Millions of people, called hippies, were promulgating principles of love and peace, and Rock n’ Roll.There was one consequential event which united all those people.That was a music festival which grew in a great sociocultural movement. This music event became a manifestation of all principles and ideas which were in the air.


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