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Try PNAS papers in section Mathematics (returns 2308 results, but some are cross-discipinary). But these days they seem to be listed under Mathematics Physical Sciences, for instance Morrison-Walker, Griffin-Ono-Rolen and Conway-Jiao-Torquato (actually Ken Ono seems to have published a bunch of stuff there...). Proceedings of the Royal Society A does not have a dedicated mathematics section.

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Journal of Mathematics and Statistics research (JMSR) aims to publish high-quality papers in all major areas of Mathematics and Statistics.

We encourage the submission of manuscripts that meet the general criteria of significance and scientific excellence.

Visit Stack Exchange I am interested in collecting a list of research papers with a mainly mathematical focus that appeared in high-reputation general science journals without a dedicated mathematics section.

This would include things like Nature or Science, but exlcude, for example, PNAS.

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